Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Intoxicated Spiderman rescued from side of cliff

A drunk man claiming to be Spiderman had to be rescued from the side of a cliff face by firefighters in Torquay, Devon, on Sunday night.

The man had climbed about 20 metres up a cliff wall and got stuck. A crew from Torquay fire station were sent to the scene along with a specialist cliff rescue team from Plymouth which was not needed.

A fire service spokesman said: "We were called out about 7.30pm to a man who was very drunk. He had climbed up the cliff face from the bottom and was being very aggressive and very difficult. He was throwing things down towards the police. We went around the top and used our specialist line equipment to reach him.

"We then escorted him to police and the ambulance service. He was 15-20 metres up. It was a long way. He was telling everyone he was Spiderman and giving it lots but he was very much in a position of quite big danger." On arrival crews confirmed the male was stuck 20 metres up. Crews used lines and safety at height equipment to rescue the male. Duty of care was left with the ambulance service.

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