Monday, May 30, 2016

Police search for man accused of knocking woman unconscious with frozen sausages

Police in Des Moines, Iowa, are looking for a man who allegedly knocked out his father's girlfriend with a package of frozen bratwurst. The 50-year-old woman had a deep gash in the back of her head when she spoke with Des Moines police at Mercy Medical Center on Thursday.

The wound, which required staples, was the product of a spat with her boyfriend's 44-year-old son. She was fed up with the son "freeloading and paying for nothing" for the past month at their home.

So, at around 2pm, she told him to pack up and leave, much to the son's delight. He laughed as he gathered his things and loaded them into a friend's car. She checked the freezer for any food he had left behind, finding an abandoned package of frozen bratwurst. She tossed the package into the yard after him.

When she turned to walk back inside the home, the man hurled the sausages at the back of her head. The woman said she blacked out and fell from the blow. But when she came to, the man had left. She went next door and called 911. Police noted that a large amount of blood had dripped all over her clothing. A warrant has been issued for the man's arrest on assault charges.

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