Monday, May 30, 2016

Two women hospitalised when thrown pizza led to stabbing with knife attached to brass knuckles

Two women from Spokane, Washington, were taken to the hospital after being stabbed following an altercation with another woman. Christopher Godwin said he was hosting a birthday party for his two former roommates, Sommer Smith and Megan Godsey, on the back patio of his home.

Godwin said that during the party, a new roommate, Amanda Lipe, threw a piece of pizza out of her bedroom window for an unknown reason. According to court documents, Smith confronted Lipe over the thrown food. Another witness said she observed Lipe go into her bedroom and return with a knife with brass knuckles attached to it.

The witness said a fight then broke out. Officers responded to the home where they contacted Smith and Godsey. Police said the two women both had blood on them. According to court documents, Smith said she was stabbed in the right shoulder by Lipe and was hit near her left eyebrow which caused lacerations, swellings and bleedings.

Smith also told police that Lipe stabbed Godsey. When police contacted Godsey, she was very intoxicated and did not know who had assaulted her. Smith and Godsey were both transported to the hospital for treatment of their injuries. Lipe admitted to police that she had a knife with brass knuckles on it on her person during the fight. Court documents do not state any charges.

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Barbwire said...

No charges? How about assault with a deadly weapon.