Thursday, May 05, 2016

Resident recommends reward for owner of precision-pooing dog

A resident of Norton, Yorkshire, has suggested a "reward" for the owner of a dog that have been pooing on a bridge in the town. Anthony Knowles was speaking out about the persistent dog fouling on County Bridge and in the town in general. "Dog fouling is a massive issue around Malton and Norton," he said, "but this one on the bridge is relentless."

Mr Knowles suspects that the bridge mess may be the work of one individual dog, and as such suggested the owner might like to go to the council offices and confess to the offences in order to collect their "reward". "I would like to offer a reward to the owner of the dog that keeps fouling on the right hand side of the bridge going towards Norton," he said.

"This dog has the remarkable ability to foul on, or as near to the railings as is possible without the mess dropping into the river. At one point there was 35 poos on the bridge. That's nearly one for every metal post that is bolted into the bridge. It has to be the same dog doing it. The skill and precision is uncanny. I think the owner of this dog is deserving of some kind of recognition.

"Due to the recent weather some of these poos have washed away, but there are still about 15 to be admired, with new ones being added daily." Mr Knowles's irreverent offer is based on the current UK fine for dog fouling. "A quick look at the website says it is usually £50," he said, "therefore I propose a reward of £750 to the owner of this dog based on the current poos that are on the bridge."

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