Thursday, May 19, 2016

Woman crashed car into railings while enjoying a nice cup of tea

A woman was allegedly drinking a cup of tea when she crashed into railings on a busy stretch of road in Twickenham, south-west London, according to police. The female driver, the only person in the car, emerged from the vehicle unharmed.

Police were called to reports of the collision with the barriers on Tuesday morning at around 9.40am. The 39-year-old driver did not require the assistance of the London Ambulance Service. Richmond Police took to Twitter to send a clear message to other motorists not to drink and drive.

The accident caused significant damage to the railings. The woman was reported to the Richmond Police's traffic department for driving without due care and attention and will receive a driver awareness course, a fine and points, or be summoned to court.

The Metropolitan Police said the collision caused damage only and there were no reported injuries. The incident led to the closure of the road in both directions while police dealt with getting the vehicle removed from the road. Due to the damage of her vehicle, it was towed to the side of the road with the assistance traffic units.

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