Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Policeman faces disciplinary action for allegedly wearing an 'I love weed' hat while out on patrol

North Yorkshire Police will hold its first public misconduct hearing next week, against a police officer accused of wearing a woolly hat while on duty, bearing the legend ‘I love weed’.

The three-day hearing involving Constable Simon Ryan will be streamed live at the rural force’s headquarters at Northallerton. Police forces nationwide have been forced to hold misconduct hearings in public since last year as part of a Government scheme to make them more transparent.

Pc Ryan will answer allegations that he “wore a black woolly hat stating ‘I love weed’or words/pictures to that effect. Despite being advised to remove the hat, he resumed wearing the hat whilst on mobile patrol”. If found to be “guilty of gross misconduct”, he could face the sack.

An unnamed colleague said: “It’s a great pity that it was felt necessary to hold a disciplinary hearing over allegations which appear to amount to high spirits.” He added: “Simon is level-headed and sensible, an excellent cop who has amassed loads of experience working in the Northallerton area for many years now, and one that you want to have working alongside you.” The hearing will begin next Monday.

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