Sunday, July 17, 2016

Couple surprised to find a strange man sharing their bed

Just before dawn last Saturday, a couple from River Falls, Wisconsin, discovered an intruder in their bed. A 32-year-old man felt something rubbing up against him. His girlfriend was sleeping next to him but it wasn't her rubbing. They both woke with a feeling that they weren't alone in their bed.

He got up to flip on the bedroom light. The light revealed a strange man sharing the bed. The male tenant woke the man. He apologised for intruding in the couple's apartment. The tenant quickly escorted him out the front door, the screen of which was damaged.

The suspect, however, returned shortly, wondering if they'd seen his cellphone. The male tenant said he hadn't. The suspect was described as black, 5-10, wearing shorts and calf-high black socks, T-shirt and sneakers. A River Falls officer went to investigate.

He followed a trail of spilled sticks of gum outside to where a cellphone lay in the grass. The suspect, a 32-year-old St. Paul man, eventually showed up at the police station. He said he was sorry, but had made a mistake after going into what he thought was his friend's apartment. He was given a $187 trespassing citation and, upon his release, had his sticks of gum and phone returned to him.

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