Thursday, July 07, 2016

Man found mysterious chair dumped in field

A man says he has been left stumped as to why a mysterious chair has been dumped in a field off a rural lane in Kent.

Ted Prangnell, from Kennington, was out cycling in Goodcheap Lane near Hinxhill on Monday last week when he paused for a break. He said: “I had stopped, and then looked over a gate when I saw the chair in the field. I thought ‘why would someone dump a chair like that?’

“It is such an oddball thing to have seen. Usually things which are dumped are damaged, broken or old, but this doesn’t appear to be in bad condition. It has pulleys and loops for rope or chord on each side and at the back. I suspect someone out there knows what it is for, probably those who left it there know best.”

It has been suggested that the chair resembles an electric chair used to execute people for their misdeeds in the US. The method was first used in 1890, and was an option in as many as half of the states, but is now only used in eight. Another suggestion is that it could be a chair used to dunk witches in lakes and rivers to test to see if they floated during the 16th and 17th centuries.

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