Thursday, July 07, 2016

Villagers baffled after coach loads of tourists keep visiting unremarkable residential street

Villagers are baffled at the weekly coach load of tourists that have been arriving and wandering around gardens in Kidlington, Oxfordshire. About 40 tourists at a time, thought to be Chinese, have been spotted posing in front gardens and among the flowers in the village for the past few weeks.

Locals have no idea why the quiet suburb, about five miles north of Oxford, has become a tourist magnet. It has left the locals bemused at the "bizarre" new fascination with their village. The phenomenon was first identified in Benmead Road and the Moors on the Spotted: Kidlington Facebook page.

The tourists are a short walk from thatched cottages and an old church, but prefer taking photos of themselves outside modern houses. Resident Tony Bennell said: "You are used to seeing tourists going round the Universities in Oxford, or places such as Bourton-on-the-Water but not quite used to seeing them in Kidlington.

"They do get very excited about it and really enjoy taking pictures in front of the gardens and flowers. People in the area have got their own views on it all, I have no personal grievance but for example there are gardens where people have benches out and the tourists will just wander in and pose for selfies on them."


Ratz said...

This is just down the road from me; the radio this morning said it was a rogue travel operator taking people there with claims that that's where a lot of Harry Potter's been filmed.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what reason they have, I find this crap very disturbing. Just because you see a place in a movie, or are told about it through word of mouth does not give you the right to invade that place. How dare anyone just turn up at other peoples homes and take photos and walk on their property. These people are just as bad as women who wait outside Justin Biebers hotel or 1Direction and scream and follow them. Sorry, but these people have a mental disorder. My opinion, don't like it, tough.