Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Police looked after man's tortoise when he was assaulted with frying pan for urinating on couch

What was supposed to be a nice evening at a house party in Uppsala, Sweden, ended in a man urinating on the couch, being assaulted with a frying pan and the police having to look after his pet tortoise.

A man in his forties has been arrested for assaulting the other man by hitting him with a frying pan at the party on Sunday night. "Well, this person is said to have peed on a couch that someone was supposed to sleep on," said police officer Tommy Karlsson.

"Another man then got angry and responded by hitting him over the head with a frying pan." According to Karlsson the victim was not seriously injured, but had to be taken to hospital.

During this time police had to look after his pet tortoise, which would otherwise have had to be left alone at his home. "It's probably the first time we've had to take care of a tortoise here at least," said Karlsson.

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Ratz said...

Well, the Swedish police seem to offer a full service. Though unless there were some budding herpetologists on the force, I wonder what they did with it.