Tuesday, July 12, 2016

World championship event almost cancelled due to lack of the correct toilet paper

A world championship event almost didn't take place because organisers couldn’t find the correct toilet paper. The Stonehaven Folk Festival, on the north east coast of Scotland, is home to the World Paper ‘n’ Comb championships.

But the event, which took place on Saturday, was almost cancelled as it was missing the specialist paper. Like strings to a guitarist or a reed to a saxophonist, comb players cannot get by without their trusty paper.

Event chairman Charlie West told how it caused the biggest panic in the lead up. He said: “It was a major panic, because if you don’t have the paper than you just can’t do the event. We always used Izal toilet paper and they stopped making it.

“It was the one you used to get in schools, it was horrible. Someone has misplaced a box, it is probably somewhere in a garage so I had to order this Bronco toilet paper on eBay.” The toilet paper arrived just in time for the championship.

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