Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Woman attacked by lemur outside her home

A 21-year-old woman has shown off painful injuries she received when she says she was attacked by a lemur outside her home in Miami, Florida. Victoria Valledor’s little sister took pictures of the animal outside their home on Monday.

“My sister was leaving the house when the lemur jumped on her and bit her so she had to call 911 and the lemur started chasing her around and then when 911 came the lemur started chasing them around too,” said Isabella Valledor.

The victim’s grandmother Celia Rodon says she ran to get a banana and gave it to the lemur to get its attention but the animal, once again, grabbed hold of the victim. Miami-Dade Fire Rescue as well as FWC’s captive wildlife division responded to the scene.

YouTube link.

“Through tricks and practice and a lot of training they were able to coax it to a kennel and they removed the lemur from the scene,” said Lorenzo Veloz with FWC. FWC says it’s unknown where the lemur came from. “Due to the area where we are, there are people licensed to have these lemurs so now it’s under investigation,” said Veloz.

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