Monday, July 18, 2016

Woman who found face in bowl claims church asked her to leave when she sought guidance

A woman from Tallahassee, Florida, was surprised to see what appeared to be a human face as she was enjoying a slice of of Key Lime pie in a bowl on Wednesday.

"I got up and turned my light on and the face appeared clear as day," said Debra Mitchell, 55. "It didn't change form. It just stayed there." Struck by her apparent discovery, Mitchell immediately sought guidance at a nearby house of worship.

She claims she was then asked to leave after receiving prayer. "I went next door to a church I'd never visited. These people didn't know who I was - they told me to leave. They told me it was demonic and that I needed to leave and have my house anointed." It's an assessment that Mitchell disagrees with.

She believes the pattern in the smeared frosting to be a sign of the times. "America's in so much trouble and the first thing that came to mind was war. You can see the man crying." Mitchell confirmed that she finished eating the pie after seeing the image. The bowl has since been wiped clean.

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Shak said...

Firstly, I see absolutely no face whatsoever. Secondly, if she was eating a key lime pie, how is it that there are only a few smudges on the bowl? The rest of it shows no signs of ever having food on it. I call shenanigans.