Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Diaper-wearing monkey scuffled with Walmart employee in parking lot

An unusual confrontation took place in a parking lot on Sunday night. An employee of Walmart in in Lancaster, Ohio, came face to face with a monkey wearing a diaper.

It was all caught on camera by customer Richelle Stewart. She says her and her husband were arriving at the store, when she spotted a monkey attacking an employee. “I saw the monkey and he was just standing on the carts, and this lady was trying to come over and get him,” said Stewart.

“The monkey had escaped from a nearby camper. And we saw the cart guy from Walmart coming over to help her.” The monkey’s owner ran towards the employee shouting, “Let her go, let her go. Did she bite you?” “All of a sudden the monkey jumped on him and she pushed him out the way,” Stewart says. A spokesperson from Walmart says the employee was not bitten.

YouTube link.

The retailer says the monkey escaped from the camper, and the employee grabbed the monkey’s leash and returned the monkey to the owner. Walmart said the owner was “grateful.” The Department of Agriculture is now trying to track down the woman and the monkey. It is concerned that if the woman is a resident of Ohio, the monkey may not registered.

You can watch Richelle Stewart's original Facebook video here.

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