Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Naked man allegedly squeezed police officer's testicles

A naked man was arrested after fighting with police in Fargo, North Dakota, at around 8pm on Thursday. Officers responded to a call of a man with no clothes running down a sidewalk.

23-year old Jeb Black, from Fargo, was found in a nearby parking lot. He attempted to push an officer and resisted as police attempted to take him into custody.

During the struggle, Black assaulted one of the officers by grabbing and squeezing the officer's testicles. He then grabbed the officer's pepper spray canister. Police tasered Black, who continued to grab at the officers' clothing and limbs.

The officers were eventually able to handcuff and restrain Black until more officers arrived to assist. Police say a witness told them Black had taken LSD prior to the incident. Black was arrested for assault on a peace officer and preventing arrest. Other charges, including indecent exposure are pending. The officer and Black were both treated and released at a hospital emergency room.

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