Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Double yellow lines painted across the middle of road

Double yellow lines have been painted across the middle of a road in Truro, Cornwall.

As Mark Mitchell left his family's interior design business Stylehome on Threemilestone Industrial Estate on Friday evening, he spotted "a line painting van" on the estate.

When he arrived the following morning he discovered yellow lines had been painted across the road. He posted photographs of the new markings on Facebook, saying: "No this isn't Photoshopped, it is what we found on arriving at work this morning …it is hard to make this up, frankly, simply beyond belief."

Mr Mitchell, 45, who also lives in Thremilestone, said: "Regardless of any excuse, it displays a total lack of common sense to put road markings in a position where they are obviously unsuitable. He believes the work was carried out by Cornwall Council. The Council have been approached for a comment.

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