Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Woman accused of repeatedly kicking boyfriend in the face after he refused to have sex with her

When her boyfriend refused to have sex with her, a Florida woman allegedly repeatedly kicked him in the face, an attack that has landed her in jail for battery, police say.

According to an arrest affidavit, Jennifer Furguson, 34, sought a 6:30am tryst on Wednesday with her beau inside the couple’s Port St. Lucie residence.

The victim, who has been in a relationship with Furguson for two years, told police that “Jennifer became upset at him when he refused to have sex with her this morning.” After being rejected, Furguson began kicking her boyfriend in the face “while he was laying on the bed,” investigators charge.

Responding officers noted that the man had “significant swelling to his right cheek bone and redness to his left cheek bone.” Furguson was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge and booked into the county jail, where she remains locked up in lieu of $500 bond. Furguson is scheduled to be arraigned on August 25, according to court records.

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Qualiall said...

I don't like stories like this--where it seems we should be laughing at domestic violence just because it was the girl doing it. Domestic Violence is a big thing for any gender--and men are less likely to report it when it happens to them for fear of 'looking weak'