Sunday, September 25, 2016

Egg-throwers fined as stash recovered by police

A trio of anti-social egg-throwers in Kesgrave, Suffolk have been fined after dozens of reports of homes and cars being targeted. Residents have reported the matter over the last week, with cars in particular being the target. Others have said they have had eggs posted through letterboxes.

Suffolk police officers said the eggs were being thrown from a moving car driving past in the evenings, prompting senior community figures to condemn the behaviour. Christopher Hudson, Suffolk county councillor for Kesgrave said: “I am repulsed, sickened, shocked and appalled about this.

“It’s anti-social to the extreme and it’s potentially very dangerous or intimidating, particularly to people living on their own. I think it’s terrible for residents and a terrible waste of food.” On Wednesday officers issued penalty disorder notices to three men aged between 18 and 20, who have been ordered to pay a fine of £80 each. A fourth man, the driver of the car, was given a seizure of motor vehicle warning.

Officers also recovered a stash of between 50 and 100 eggs. Sergeant Philip Barrett said: “Throwing eggs at cars or houses is a criminal offence, capable of causing damage and injury. We do not tolerate this anti-social behaviour and would appeal to anyone who has witnessed egg-throwing vandalism or who has been a victim, to contact us.” Anyone with information should contact Suffolk police.

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