Sunday, September 25, 2016

Shop owner hunts for man who keeps pooing outside his store

A shop owner in Dublin, Ireland, is hunting for a man who has been repeatedly defecated outside his store. Clever Buys owner Alan Buckley from Finglas said that he didn’t believe it until he saw the CCTV footage. “Someone keeps coming up and sh*tting outside the shop,” he said.

“It’s very upsetting, you’d want to have your breakfast before you come in because you’ll not eat again after looking at it. He pulls up in a car in the middle of the night, does his business and then drives off.” The first incident occurred near the Clever Buys shop on Clune Road last Thursday September 15 and occurred again on Wednesday September 21.

“I haven’t got a clue why he’s doing it. He’s doing it in a public area outside a row of shops. It’s disgusting,” said Alan. “The first one was just horrible, the smell and all. You’d swear a horse did it. If I hadn’t seen him do it on CCTV, I wouldn’t have believed it.” Alan said there’s “no excuse” for this kind of behaviour. “You can do it in a bush or in a 24-hour shop. We have the cheapest toilet roll in town.”

Alan said during the second incident the man was there for 45 minutes. “I think sh*tting in the street isn’t his only problem,” said Alan. He described the man as being in his late 30s. “It’s very strange. He doesn’t look homeless or anything,” he said. Alan, however, can still see the funny side and has now placed a toilet and large quantity of toilet paper outside the store.

You can watch the CCTV footage here.

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