Monday, September 12, 2016

Police removed 8-year-old boy from class and issued a restraining order against him

An 8-year-old Jefferson County boy was removed from his third grade class at Hillsboro Elementary, Missouri, on September 8 and issued with a restraining order by a deputy. According to his mother, Peyton Whitehead is not allowed to return to school or even leave his home under the threat of arrest.

The ex-parte order does not allow Peyton within 1,000 feet of the children who live in a home on his block outside of Hillsboro. The father who filed the paperwork says that Peyton has made threats against his children. Both sets of parents admit they have been feuding in recent months.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department were asked why deputies didn't serve the court papers after Peyton got home to avoid the embarrassment of being removed from school in front of his classmates. Detective Sergeant James Kausler said that deputies are required to act when they get orders from a judge.

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"Statutorily we're required to carry out the judge’s order and that was, at that point, to remove him from school," said Kausler. Peyton's mother says she is forced to home school her son, who has a learning disability, until a court appearance on September 20.

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