Thursday, September 15, 2016

Town revives Worm Fiddlin' Festival

The town of Caryville in north west Florida decided to bring back one of their time-honoured traditions on Saturday.

The Caryville Worm Fiddlin’ Festival fell on hard times and was last held in 2008, but the event has now been resuscitated. Caryville is said to be the self-proclaimed worm fiddling capital of the world.

Several hundred people swelled the town to many times its normal occupancy as young and old tried out the concept of driving worms from the ground by ‘fiddling’ or rubbing a wood stake with another piece of wood, sending vibrations into the ground that force the worms to the surface.

YouTube link.

The eventual winner compelled over 50 worms to come to the surface through the unusual methodology. Attendees came from several counties and at least two states and organisers feel that this is the start to the revitalisation of the festival and the overall betterment of the sleepy town of Caryville.

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