Sunday, September 11, 2016

Woman arrested for stealing three French fries from police officer's plate

A woman was arrested for stealing three French fries from a police officer who was dining in Washington. It all happened at around 9:45pm on Wednesday at the Italian Pizza Kitchen.

A woman allegedly sat down next to the officer and tried to start a conversation, an MPD source said. The source said she then reached down and took a French fry from him as he was eating.

The officer asked the woman to stop, but she took another. The police officer again asked the woman to stop, warning her that she was engaging in theft and could be arrested. She proceeded to take another fry, so the officer arrested her.

According to the police's report, the "offender appropriated the listed property without the consent of the complainant." In the report, the property stolen is listed as “French fried potato.” She was charged with second-degree theft.

With news video.


Gareth said...

What would happen of somebody called the 911 in Washington to report the theft of three french fries? Would the police attend?

Anonymous said...

Little abuses of authority often lead the way to larger ones. This police officer needs more training on restraint, or to find another line of work. He totally missed his opportunity to remove the annoyance with the assistance of the owner of the establishment, an attitude of escalation often seen in those who are above their limited authority.

shak said...

Gareth, there was one guy who was on the three strikes you're out, and he stole a piece of pizza from two kids. He now has to spend at least 20 years in prison before he can get out.

Steven Watson said...

Three fries, yet out