Monday, September 12, 2016

Woman suffered horrific ordeal after someone was apparently sick out of hotel window

A woman has spoken of her horror after she said she was covered in ‘sick’ after leaving a shop in Horsham, Sussex. Christine Harding popped into town to do her shopping and visited the Cancer Research shop. When the 68-year-old left the store she said she became covered in sick after someone was ill from the window above.

She said: “It was all over my lap and my shoes and all over the handles of my scooter. It went on my handbag, on my scooter it was everywhere. First the stuff came down and then of course I looked up and I saw the window shut and it shuddered. I went into the charity shop as I thought it was from there. Christine was told the room above belonged to the Travelodge around the corner.

She went with one the staff members at the charity shop and spoke to the receptionist. “I told her somebody has just been sick out your window. She told me she was sorry but she can’t do anything about it once they head for the room they can’t do anything about it. The blooming cheek. I am very frustrated at the attitude that’s really what gets me the most.” Christine was forced to go home and change due to the queues for the toilets in the town centre.

“I hadn’t been out for days,” she said. “It was such a nice day and I hadn’t been out in such a long time. All I want is for them (Travelodge) to say it’s not going to happen again.” Travelodge said a member of staff inspected the site after it was reported. The company said the member of staff could not see any sick but did see a substance which looked like ‘seagull excrement’. “I have looked at the key codes. No-one was in the rooms at the time,” a spokesman added.

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