Friday, October 07, 2016

Errant seal pup returned to the sea after being rescued from golf course

A Cornish golf course welcomed an unusual visitor at the weekend. One of the green keepers at West Cornwall Golf Club in Lelant discovered a seal pup. Staff say it had somehow navigated its way around deep bunkers after finding its way onto the course.

But it was then that the five-week old pup had trouble, rolling onto its back and becoming stuck in a hollow next to the sixth Green. "Our long established group of green keepers are used to dealing with all manner of unusual events in the day to day management of the course here at West Cornwall but this Sunday produced a circumstance more unusual than normal," said a spokesman for the golf club.

"Early on Sunday morning our youngest green keeper and newest recruit Gavin felt the need to ring his boss course manager Keith Kemp. 'What's the problem' enquired Keith of his young understudy, 'and what on earth is making that dreadful screaming noise' - Gavin responded by telling him: 'it's a seal pup'." Mr Kemp rushed to the course immediately to be confronted by a bemused young green keeper and a particularly angry seal pup.

YouTube link. Alternative Twitter video link.

"I have been called out to plenty of random things on the course over the years but a stuck seal pup is a new one on me," said Mr Kemp. After assessing the situation, and fearing the loss of one or more fingers with every attempt to move the pup, Mr Kemp decided to call the experts from the Maritime Animal Response Team who arrived on the scene very quickly. They advised that the pup was approximately five weeks old and in good health despite its ordeal. "With expert and careful handling the pup was transported back to the beach and gently released back into its natural environment," said the spokesman.

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