Friday, October 07, 2016

Police consider extending use of cardboard cut-outs to deter drivers from speeding

A scheme that involves life-size cutouts of a police officer being placed at the roadside to deter drivers from speeding could be extended. Officers in Fife, Scotland, have been using so-called Pop-up Bob for two years to try to cut offending. Officers in Tayside are now considering introducing the "officer".

Police Scotland said the life-size figures were not intended to replace "genuine resources" but act as a visual reminder to those tempted to speed. The cardboard cut-outs show an officer from Cowdenbeath holding a speed camera. The force said that the "Bobs" were designed to serve as a "prevention technique" to passing motorists.

Insp Tom Brown from Levenmouth Police Station said: "We utilise a life-size image of a police officer, which provides a visual reminder to motorists to ensure they drive in an appropriate manner. This prop is never used in place of genuine resources, and has previously been well-received by the local community." Police Scotland said it had been "difficult to gauge" how effective the Bobs had been at preventing speeding.

Douglas Pover from Perth and Kinross Council , who served as a police officer for 30 years, said any initiative that could bring down the number of accidents in the region was worth a try. He said: "We've asked the police for a full evaluation to see if it's something that works as a deterrent. We're not advocating using it in place of real police officers, but if it can be seen to be worthwhile then we'll give it a go."

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