Thursday, October 13, 2016

Puzzlement over what snakes were doing in kitchen

Two snakes entwined in a wrestling match have been captured on video in Queensland, Australia, causing puzzlement over whether they were mating or fighting.

Dayboro Butter Factory owner Murray Paas said he had walked into his kitchen to find the two snakes, each at least two metres long, thrashing and spiralled around each other. "I thought they were mating since the difference in colours lead me to assume they're of opposite sex," he said.

"But a couple of people have said this is a pair of males battling over a nearby female. Either way, I'd rather they take it outside. Hypnotic to watch though." The snakes were at it for more than an hour, he said. University of Sydney python expert Daniel Natusch said the video showed two male carpet pythons "engaged in ritualised combat".

YouTube link.

"They're trying to push each others' heads to the ground to establish dominance," he said. While the property is on the Dayboro main drag, it also backs onto a creek, and snakes are a fairly common sight. "One of these ones has been living above my bedroom in the ceiling," Mr Paas said. "I'm fine with it because it keeps the pests away."

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