Thursday, October 13, 2016

School's apologises after accidentally sending C-bomb text message to hundreds of parents

A school's slip of the keyboard sent an unintentional obscenity to hundreds of parents. St Dunstan's school in Glastonbury, Somerset, has an automated web based messenger system that sends text messages to parents.

The service is used to advise parents of events and important school announcements and if their children are bringing home paperwork for them to sign.

The school was intending to tell parents that on their latest data update as well as details of the child's address and personal details, they were to add the pupil's country of birth and nationality for the school's confidential records.

Unfortunately in the typing the letters 'O' and 'R' were omitted, giving the message a rather ruder spelling. The school quickly sent out an apology to parents, saying it was a slip of the keyboard.

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annemarie said...

tee hee, its the current talk of the town