Saturday, October 01, 2016

Woman perplexed by hundreds of perfectly-cut lemons that washed ashore onto beach

Hundreds of perfectly-cut lemons that washed ashore on Mangere Bridge Beach in New Zealand, has left one woman perplexed - and annoyed. Delyse, a mother of three from Papatoetoe, took her three children and two nephews out for a picnic on the beach on Thursday.

"We were just having our picnic lunch when we saw something really weird, it was just a line of yellow. At first I thought it was that foamy stuff, so I told the kids to check it out and they said 'it was lemons.' I was like 'nah, whatever, it's not lemons', but when I went to look." According to Delyse, the lemons were strewn in a perfect line along the beach.

"They were all professionally, perfectly knife cut. You know when you cut lemons, it's not perfectly down the middle. These were." Delyse goes to Mangere Bridge Beach frequently, but had never seen anything like it before. "They were obviously dumped at sea and then washed up. I don't know who by."

Delyse is concerned about the impact on tourists and residents. "Tourists and residents walk along there, and now there are just going to be rotting lemons there. A lot of children play there, there were lots of children there when we saw it. I just hope none of them touch them or eat them. It's just sad to think someone would do that."


WilliamRocket said...

Jeepers, some people get upset easy

Elagie said...

I'm guessing maybe trash dumped from a cruise ship and then washed up on the tide.

Qualiall said...

looks like a lemon party

lukus said...

"Oh God!! The smell of rotting lemons has ruined my holiday! Please children, don't touch or eat them, back away! I am so concerned and saddened."