Saturday, October 01, 2016

Phantom shop pooer found to be a respectable family man with a job - Update

A man who defecated twice outside a shop in Finglas, Dublin, Ireland, in the dead of the night has been caught by the owner as he was about to repeat the act a third time. The phantom pooer appeared outside the Clever Buys shop on September 15 and 21 and was caught on CCTV (video) pulling down his trousers and going to the toilet on the pavement before getting back into his car and driving away.

But in the early hours of Wednesday morning shop owner Alan Buckley got a call from a delivery driver to tell him the suspect had returned. “I drove around and confronted him, and he admitted to doing it, but said he had a bad stomach and he couldn’t hold it in, but nobody gets caught three times at the same hour of the morning in the same place in my opinion,” Alan said.

“I asked him why he was sh*tting outside my shop and he said he was sorry, that it was nothing personal, and that it wouldn’t happen again. I told him that schoolkids had to walk by what he did, and people with buggies and trolleys. I really couldn’t believe it. He’s local, he’s respectable, and he’s a family man with a job. I felt both angry and shocked really. He’s even a customer,” said Alan.

“When I saw it first I thought it might be a homeless person or an addict who had no option, you could excuse that, but this man has a home with a bathroom. There’s no excuse for it.” Asked if he would now bar the man from the shop, Alan said he wouldn’t. “I don’t think he’ll be back somehow, but I won’t bar him. He’s obviously got some sort of issues, whatever they are,” he explained. Alan added that his sales of toilet roll have definitely gone up because now everyone knows he sells 40 rolls for a tenner.

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