Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Allegedly intoxicated woman caught driving with children's swing set attached to her vehicle

At around 3am on Saturday morning police from Springwood in Queensland, Australia, were called to Woodridge.

Local residents had stopped the female driver of a vehicle whom they believed was driving whilst drunk. One of the clues that tipped them off was the children’s swing set wedged onto the roof of the vehicle.

The residents claimed that the driver allegedly lost control of her vehicle driving into the back yard of a house where she then ploughed straight through the children’s swing set lodging it securely to the vehicle's roof.

Police will allege the woman provided a breath alcohol reading of 0.188 per cent; almost four times over the legal limit. The 38-year-old female driver from Woodridge was charged with driving whilst under the influence of liquor and will appear in Beenleigh Magistrates Court on December 6.

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Vietvet said...

Some years ago a car driving with a large street light pole wrapped around the front of it was stopped by police on a freeway. When the cops asked the obviously inebriated driver about the light pole, he told them the car came that way when he bought it.