Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Police dusting crime scene uncovered bottom print

Police in Wodonga, Victoria, Australia,are working on a case they are hoping to get to the bottom of. Officers were baffled by a particularly unusual print detected on a glass door, after a break-in at the local community hall.

While the scene was being dusted for prints, a shape from a pantless bare bottom began to appear. "He's going to have to throw his finger print brush out now I think," said Detective Sergeant Graeme Simpfendorfer. Police in say it is thought the break-in occurred at the hall sometime on Friday night, when damage was caused by a fire extinguisher being set off at the property.

The thieves then returned on Saturday and stole a television. It is still not known exactly why the offender left the unexpected mark behind. "They're having a joke, or they're actually trying to lean up against the door to break in, but I don't know why they'd do it pantsless," crime scene sergeant Shane Martin said. The theft was reported on Sunday.

It is believed there were three offenders, thought to be in their late teens to early twenties. Despite the unusual find at the scene, police have said in all seriousness a lot of damage has been done at the property and they are keen to get the television for the community hall returned. Wodonga is a town about 300km (180 miles) north-east of Melbourne.


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