Thursday, November 03, 2016

Man arrested after removing glass eye and throwing it at hospital stff

A Florida man in police custody removed his glass eye and threw it at hospital personnel, according to police who rearrested the suspect on a felony charge.

Edward Dorsey, 54, was first arrested on Sunday morning on a domestic violence charge for allegedly striking his wife during an 8am argument in the couple’s Largo home. A police report notes that drugs and alcohol appear to have played a role in the confrontation.

Following the misdemeanor collar, Dorsey was transported to the Largo Medical Center for treatment. While in the emergency room, Dorsey “removed his glass eye” and then “threw his glass eye at the ER doctor and ER nurse,” a Largo Police Department officer reported.

Before flinging the fake eye, Dorsey was instructed by hospital personnel and an officer “to not take the eye out in the first place.” Dorsey ignored those commands and declared, “I can do whatever I feel like doing.” The airborne eye does not appear to have caused any injuries, though it is unclear whether the eye hit any hospital workers. Dorsey was charged with battery on an emergency medical care provider. He is locked up in the county jail on a combined bond of $30,000.


lukus said...

It didn't fit very well anyway. He won it in a poker game.

Vietvet said...

I'm guessing one of the hospital workers caught his eye.


COSMO said...

eye eye eye, i don't seee the humor