Thursday, June 26, 2014

University's School of Journalism misspelled own name on diplomas

Northwestern University's esteemed Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications, one of the top graduate programmes for aspiring journalists in the US, issued dozens of diplomas with the programme's own name misspelled.

Someone at the Illinois university, it seems, forgot that the word "integrated" includes an "n." The typo affected roughly 30 of the 250 diplomas awarded.

The error struck some students as ironic, given the school’s tradition, known as the "Medill F," of giving a failing grade to an assignment with a factual error such as a misspelling.

Desiree Hanford, a lecturer at Medill, said that officials were looking into correcting the error. “The diplomas are issued by the university, so we will work with the [Northwestern University] registrar's office to provide new diplomas to these students,” she said.

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Brixter said...

Just like my german language certificate. They printed my birthplace as 'Saudi Arabia' when they should have used 'Saudi Arabien' since that's the german translation.

arbroath said...

Were your parents working there then, Brixter?

Brixter said...

My dad worked there for a few years but we left when I was 3 I think. I don't remember anything at all.

arbroath said...

Oh right.

My dad worked there for a fair few years also, with my mother living there for some of that time.

I never fancied visiting myself.

Brixter said...

My dad said it's a great place to earn money, then get the hell out once you've earned enough. My mom had to wear the full body 'ninja suit'.

arbroath said...

Heh heh, that sounds about right!

I think my mother got away with just covering her hair and limbs when she was out and about.