Saturday, November 22, 2014

Crucifix and Virgin Mary Statue unscathed in fire that destroyed 100-year-old church

Parishioners of a San Jose Catholic church destroyed by a huge fire last Sunday are calling it a miracle that both the church’s crucifix and Virgin Mary statue both somehow survived the inferno relatively unscathed.

The ornate crucifix of Holy Cross Catholic Church appeared to not even have any soot or singe marks, even as the rest of the church’s interior was in ruins.

The beloved Mary statue, the Virgin of Guadalupe, was also intact.

Devastated parishioners were elated after the discovery, saying it was a sign from above. “It’s like a miracle to give us hope that it’s still there and we can rebuild,” said Cecilia Rodriguez.


BoS said...

A bigger "miracle" would've been if your god (for which there is no evidence) had stopped the fire starting in the first place. Fictional christ on a bike, religionists are dumb.

Williamrocket said...

No, god does exist, this I know is true because I read about it in a book written thousands of years ago, which has been translated many, many times, The original author wrote down what he had been told by some roaming gypsy type people, they had heard the story from some people they camped with the year before and had told it many times at parties. The people they heard it from heard it from some other people that had passed through 14 years before, and it seems those people had heard it from some other people who saud it was a passed down story from their distant past.
I am sure none of it has been mis-translated, misinterpreted, exaggerated, or changed in any other way.
But I still can't figure out why god kills and maims so many people, including the so called innocent babies.
He must be a complete arsehole !