Sunday, May 15, 2016

Woman followed car's GPS directions straight down boat launch ramp and into harbour

Police in Tobermory, Ontario, Canada, pulled a red car from the harbour early on Friday morning after a woman followed instructions from her GPS and drove down a boat launch ramp and into the water.

Ontario Provincial Police said the woman was following her GPS "when she took a wrong turn into Little Tub Harbour" late on Thursday night. It was raining, dark and foggy at the time.

Combining "weather conditions and the driver being new to the area, a fully submerged vehicle was the result," police said. The 23-year-old Kitchener woman was able to roll down her window, get out of the submerged car and swim approximately 30 metres to shore in 4°C water.

She then called for help. Except for being cold and wet, the woman was unhurt. A tow truck was able to pull the submerged car out of the harbour at 8:22am on Friday morning.


Elena said...

This is why I am not comfortable with the idea of self-driving cars.

WilliamRocket said...

Ah, the stupid sink quickly.
And, YES, self driving cars ???
Want to know how often my highly powered computer does something wrong, like freeze up ?
ok, twice this year, luckily we were not doing 100 kph down a highway when it happened.
Want to know how many times I have crashed in 45 years driving ?
Yeah, not even once.

Anonymous said...

The entire electrical system will need replacing, but at least it was fresh water in which it submerged (Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, Great Lakes, North America).