Sunday, September 25, 2011

Serbian beggar 'making more money by feigning invisibility'

A beggar from Serbia has been raking in the cash ever since he discovered he could make more by pretending to be invisible.

For Nemanja Petrovic his risk-taking entrepreneurial skills paid off. The street beggar from Subotica got so fed up with being ignored by passers-by and hurried commuters he was tempted to throw the hat in.

As an act of protest the 42-year-old tossed his cap and shoes down on the street with a hand-written sign saying 'Invisible Beggar' while he busied himself elsewhere and let off some steam.

Once he had calmed down the cheeky beggar went back to his gear and discovered he had got far more than he had bargained for: ‘When I returned I was astonished to find a crowd and my cap was full of money,’ he explained. ‘Now I just put down the sign, a pair of shoes as a prop and wait for the donations to roll in while I have a coffee over the road,’ he added.

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