Sunday, June 15, 2014

Would-be thief discovers that pouring acid onto an ATM doesn't gain you access to the cash

A man in full hazmat gear poured some kind of acid on an ATM in Boulder, Colorado, and returned later to try to get the cash. He was caught on camera on May 29 at 2:30am at the Center for Community on campus, according to the University of Colorado Police Department.

The man was first caught on video wearing a plastic suit, gloves and a protective helmet. He returned later in street clothes and poured the contents of two water bottles on the machine. He checked the machine again in the morning but could not remove any cash.

After a customer suffered chemical burns when they attempted to use the machine, police discovered the robbery attempt. The student suffering from chemical burns did not seek medical help. "I am concerned what the suspect would have done to anyone who surprised him during his attempt to break into the ATM," said Detective Sgt. Michael Lowry.

YouTube link. Raw video 1. Raw video 2.

"The suspect caused significant damage to the ATM and we are hopeful the public will assist us in identifying him." The machine was damaged beyond repair and the replacement cost is estimated at $50,000. If arrested, the suspect would face felony charges of Criminal Mischief and Attempted Burglary.

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