Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Crackdown on fishing with breakfast sausage

Police officer Joyce Kuske from Little Falls, Minnesota, checked an angler fishing from a pontoon recently.

The angler hurriedly put their fishing pole down as Officer Kuske approached them.

Officer Kuske asked the angler if they had a licence and the angler stated they did not have a fishing licence.

They added that you don't need a fishing licence if you're fishing with a piece of breakfast sausage as bait. It turns out that a licence is needed to fish with breakfast sausage.


WilliamRocket said...

WTF ? Why do you need a license to fish ?
Do you need a license to drink rain water too ?
To swim in a lake or river ?
What the fuck is it with licenses everywhere ???

Fester said...

Where in the hell have you been WilliamRocket?
Hunting and fishing licenses have been around for decades.
The fees are used to support conservation of fish and game.

Miss Cellania said...

True, Fester, and it's also to ensure that those who fish know the legal limits and what species are off-limits. There are special programs for discounted or free licenses, but you still need one so regulations can be followed.