Friday, July 15, 2016

Tim Hortons regular honoured with drive-through funeral procession

Rosemary Dibbley passed away at the age of 56 last week. After her funeral mass at Good Shepherd Parish in Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada, her funeral procession took the unusual step of filing through the Tim Hortons drive-through where she'd been going for her tea every day for years.

Her order was always the same, "One bag in, one bag on the side," with nothing to eat. Sometimes she'd see either her daughter Breanne or Gillian working behind the counter. "Every time we went somewhere, Rosemary would always ask, 'Did you bring back a tea?' Or she'd say, 'I wouldn't mind a tea when you get back,'" her husband Pat remembered.

"We thought, how appropriate, [Rosemary's] last tea before she's gone." "It was very touching, it meant so much," he said. After her mother died, Breanne asked her colleagues to hand out orange pekoe tea bags to the mourners in the procession. They all pitched in to help on Wednesday, hand-drawing a heart on the back of each tea bag.

Even though Gillian manages that Tim Hortons, her dad said she had no idea what the employees had planned. He described Gillian as having "tears of joy" and Breanne smiling the whole way through the drive-through. Pat has no doubt about how Rosemary would react seeing the tribute. "I can't even describe what [Rosemary] would have felt about it," he said. "I know she's up there smiling her face off and chuckling and blowing us kisses for it."

There's a video of the funeral procession here.

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